When we perform a private cremation, only one pet at a time is in our crematory. All of the pet’s ashes, and only that pet’s ashes, are returned to the owner. The included urn is plain white plastic, however we do offer many other urns as an option. If an owner chooses to, he can be present for the private cremation of the pet. There is no charge for this, but we do need to schedule appointment times so we are able to allow the pet owner enough time with his pet before the cremation begins.

Minimum transportation charges for picking up and/or dropping off is $45 each way and varies by distance traveled. If your Veterinarian uses our cremation service, the pick up and return are included in the price they quote you. Prices by pet’s weight:

Pet’s Weight Price
under 2 lbs $130
3-20 lbs $180
21-40 lbs $190
41-60 lbs $210
61-80 lbs $230
81-100 lbs $240
101-125 lbs $270
126-150 lbs $290
151+ lbs $290 plus a surcharge of $1.00/lb